Ex protection type
ATEX: Zone 1 II B + T4
CSA/CUS Class 1 Div 1 Group C + D
ASTM D2500
Ambient temperature
operation up to 40°C (104°F)
Internal Cryo Cooler
Capable of -200°C
High pressure detection cell
Dual optical system
No Sample Recovery System is required

Given today’s highly competitive environment, oil refiners are demanding instrumentation that aids in the optimization of the refining process. Therefore, refineries require a reliable and accurate analysis system of the Cloud Point temperature to meet the required specifications. This analysis will allow the operators to optimize the refining process and therefore lower production costs while improving product quality.


This small, compact and robust Peltier cooling system allows captured samples to be cooled to -60°C with external plant water coolant. The high pressure sample cell optics allow sample extraction and return to process and pressure conditions thereby eliminating the need for atmospheric recovery.