BARTEC ORB designs, manufactures and sells on-line physical property analyzers for the petro-chemical industry. We leverage 45+ years of design, manufacturing and analyzer service experience. We design state-of-the-art on-line analyzers and follow it up with superior customer service to fulfill all your process monitoring solutions.


Over the past two decades, consolidation in the instrumentation market has limited the innovation of on-line analyzer design. Concurrently, there was a demand for better products and improved technical support that remained under served. BARTEC ORB's vision and customer focus delivers compact, robust analyzers to meet these needs. Our analyzers are delivered with shorter lead times, are easy to install, operate and maintain, while meeting or exceeding critical application requirements.


BARTEC ORB simply delivers a greater value to the end user by maintaining an aggressive investment in R&D, new designs and technologies and by employing a superior technical customer support team.